State of the art Corporate Real Estate Management for Financial Institutions

Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) is a generally accepted approach to professionally manage a company’s operational real estate portfolio. Due to the large share of real estate costs in total operating expenditure, the current need to improve efficiency, but also an increasing importance of property as an asset class, CREM has increasingly gained attention on the management agenda particularly of banks and insurance companies during recent years.

Initially the perspective was focused primarily on the operational management of office space. Today the spectrum is expanded in particular by strategic components. A bundling of all relevant real estate functions in a central CREM unit – from strategy, space supply and operations to disposal - ensures a holistic and coordinated management of business-critical properties.

As a partner of the business units and in addition to its core tasks CREM –significantly contributes to achieving companywide goals and thus to sustainably increase stakeholder value. The added value includes amongst others